CCD or CMOS? How Imaging Sensor Properties Affect Pixel-Level Measurement of Displays

Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019  |  10:00am PDT; 1:00pm EDT; 7:00pm CEST
(30 min + Q&A)

Imaging systems are highly efficient visual inspection tools for evaluating the complete area of a display. The process of converting light into digital input to create an image, however, is not precisely one-to-one. Imaging sensor types (CCD and CMOS) accomplish this conversion process in different ways, each with distinct benefits and limitations. Understanding sensor properties is critical for choosing a system that optimizes display measurement data and reduces variability. This is even more important when evaluating the extremely limited data-sampling area of a single display pixel—the key to quality in emissive displays like OLEDs and microLEDs.

Join a webinar hosted by Shannon Roberts, Product Manager at Radiant Vision Systems, as she presents the impact of imaging sensor types (CCD versus CMOS) and their properties on the accuracy and repeatability of data for pixel-level display measurement. Topics include:
  • Pixel-level measurement challenges
  • The importance of measurement repeatability and precision
  • The impact of sensor properties (resolution, SNR, and photon transfer curve)
  • A comparison of CCD and CMOS sensors for pixel-level display measurement
A live audience Q&A with our presenter will follow the presentation.